It’s Fri-Yay!

The end of the week is here.

So what?

I’m doing my thing. Sitting at the coffee shop. I didn’t write earlier this week because I went to work instead of hanging out at Comet.

So what have I done this week?

Well, Monday I got to do some QA work on a website I’ve been helping out with.

Tuesday was the launch of! Check it out!

Wednesday, I put together social posts for an evening event.

‘Twas the celebration of the Diverse Business Accelerator’s first year. It’s a program designed for diverse and women-owned businesses who are ready to grow and scale their businesses. It’s an amazing program that now has 3 cohorts and 14 portfolio companies.

The celebration was a Final Pitch for a $10,000 prize!

All of the companies who presented were amazing.

We had Cedric Cobb, President and CEO of Best Wardrobe Solutions, inventor of the Best Pocket Square, and winner of SharkTank, as our host for the evening.

Arian Simone was the keynote speaker for the evening. Her story is amazing and inspired me to do even this. Take a step towards being fearlessly authentic.

So here I sit.

I just ended a conversation with someone I met at the event as well. You know St. Louis is known for serendipity.

We both had questions for Arian. Mine was: “How do you live authentically without taking on the opinions of others?” (In so many words)

And hers: “Should I further my education for credibility?”

It was crazy because that is exactly what I have been struggling with. There are so many people in my sphere who believe I need to go back to school. Based on their own limitations. I’ve decided that I’ll go to school when I feel like it will benefit me. Fuck what anyone else things.

So, I walked up to her after the event to tell her how much I appreciated her standing up and asking that question. Her asking that question made me want to answer it with “Fuck that, you’re already enough!” Validating my own feelings about going back to school.

The next day, she reached out asking for a meeting with me. We had a wonderful conversation and have scheduled another.

You guys! I’m doing it!

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to make commitments and stick to them. Look at God.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Callaway out!

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