Leap… then grow your wings

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time a woman bought a website. That woman was me.

She didn’t know what to do with the website but she did it anyway. She filled it with content and photos. She added links to her social media accounts. And she updated it often.

But she never actually wrote a blog post. When she did, she would just delete them.

Then, a year later, her website subscription service was going to end.

“What have I done?”

“I haven’t shared a single blog post. I haven’t directed any traffic. I haven’t even clearly stated my intention with this website!”

After contemplating her contemplations, she realized there was something missing. Optimism.

So she started writing blog posts. With no intention of driving traffic or clicks in the traditional sense. She just authenticly articulated all through her device and into the digital world. Sometimes from work. Sometimes from the toilet. (I am on the toilet as I write this)

Now, this woman feels better. She knows that no one has shit figured out. So like the rest of them she will:


And then grow her wings.

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