Who’s Reading This?

Hello, friend.

Can I call you friend? I hope so, if you’re reading this.

Let me guess a little bit about you..

  • You’re an old soul with a young heart.
  • You like adventure even if that means in the form of sitting on your couch and living vicariously through others.
  • You truly value the individuality of others and appreciate the differences that other’s seem to shy away from.
  • You are a highly sensitive person, an empath, or are at least acutely aware of your energetic self.
  • You have a sense of humor.

Did I get it right?

What did I miss? Tell me!

Can WordPress Read My Text Messages?!?!

So… Crazy thing happened today.

I texted my cousin and asked her what her address is. Her birthday is soon and I wanted to send her a birthday card.

I didn’t know that my cousin lived in Montgomery.. I mean I did, but I forgot.

Life goes on and then I get on WordPress.

One of the first stories I see is about the Alabama corrections system, in MONTGOMERY, AL

Coincidence? I think not.

I’m not accusing anyone of anything. Especially because I didn’t thoroughly read the terms & conditions. I’m just sayin’ that’s cray.

A Word Before Work

I just spend the last hour and a half deleting and marking emails as read.

Most of them come from newsletters I’ve mindlessly subscribed to, my significant other, and random updates from WordPress and Google.

It’s ridiculous how much a cluttered email inbox can stress you out.

I usually do a terrible job of checking my emails. I’m working on that.

I have been making an effort for the past few weeks to organize my information input systems.

I’ve downloaded an app called Notebook. It’s actually been pretty helpful by allowing me to have a digital inbox. I have created multiple “notebooks” for things like PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Business cards (yes it can capture that info), and of course I’ve made a notebook for every type of idea I can have.

This is what it looks like now:

Now, if I can just use it.

The Sands

Let’s go back, way back, to the future.

It is warm here.

Not in the sensing of temperature, although that is also true. Warm, I would say, is an understatement in the measurement of temperature.

The temperature that’s being referred to here is a spiritual one.

Somewhere deep in my blood, in my bones, in my soul, the sands call to me.

The sands have always called to me.

The most memorable of times was in Morocco..

I was 8 at the time.

I remember walking for miles it felt like… days…

When we arrived in the mysterious land of Morocco my family was tired. The sun was setting, so beautiful over the water. I remember a song. A low base vibe. Plucking at my pulse…

There was a woman, dancing.. I was always intrigued by dancing women.

She moved her hips in a way I had been taught but had yet to master.

I watched her scoop the rhythm right out of the air with every swing of her torso. The drums thumped and the base continued to pluck at my pulse.

The sounds I heard were so innate, so primal, so creative and expressive. I wanted more. More than what I would find here.

I wander away from the dancer and into a shop decorated by wooden and metal trinkets. Vibrant, yet earthy tones scattered among the imitated relics, stained in fabrics and on the surface of incense burners.

My eyes land on a scarf. The kind you wrap around your hips with the little golden disks that jingle as you move the way the dancer does.

I flipped over the price tag and nearly gasped at what I saw. Something like $60 more than the allowance I brought with me to Disney World.

In that moment I felt longing. Longing for the sands. I want to find this scarf in the real Morocco…

I walked away from that store, from that place, Fake Morocco, with a desire to truly experience the sands..

They’ve been calling to me ever since.

A Stream-of-Consciousness

The idea is to write for 20 minutes straight.

The song I’m listening to is kind of cool but it’s also really energetic and it’s kind of driving me nuts.

I think it’s almost done, so I don’t want to stop it.

All I know is that it was Bach, and there was a lot of crazy violin riffs.

I’m sitting at a coffee shop. The same one I go to biweekly.

Today I’ve had a pumpkin flat white and the Blend 333 tea they offer.


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Everything you do

Listening to a podcast featuring Levar Burton and thought about making a career as a storyteller.

I Would like to write a book titled “Everything You Do”


I am but one drop in the entire ocean. Oh child, you are the entire ocean within one drop.

Defining success is difficult. Life is like making a to-do list and only crossing half of it off. But what if you made a done list? You wouldn’t look over your life’s work and be dissappointed at what you didn’t do, because all you can see is what you have already done.