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Category: Personal Growth & Development

A Flight

The city looks just as I expect it would from space. All the lights flickering like orange glitter. The bird sways from side-to-side as we ascend. It isn’t long before […]

Life Update

So, we left off at Halloween. It was around noon when I published my last post, soon after my entire world flipped upside down! Shortly after hitting publish, I started […]

Happy Halloween!

The time for tricks and treats is upon us! There’s not a lot I have to say about Halloween and it makes me a little sad. I’ve been out of […]

My Ideal Life

If I had my “ideal life” today I would live in my own apartment I drink tea & read in the morning I water my plants & cuddle my kitty […]

Black Love

Listen, we are now (and have been) vibrating at different frequencies.  My people,  We are like Gold being sifted from the ground. Sleeping and buried deep. This shaking you’re feeling? […]

The Gift

A box so beautifully wrapped under the tree No tag attached, is it for me? Shake the box to hear what’s inside. Not a sound to be heard it’s hard […]

ABC’s of Spirituality

Recently I’ve become aware of themes, or patterns, that show up in my daily life revolving around sharing my experience and ideas. A journey is something to be cherished. People […]

She Reached For A Gun

We were driving past the airport which, if you live in St. Louis, you know where this story is headed. And if you don’t, keep reading.