I take life day-by-day with a heart for transforming adversity into adventure.

Hi, I’m Kaleah -author of my own personal legend.

I currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri. Where I am building myself, my tribe, and my blog.

I knew nothing about St. Louis when given the opportunity to move. All I knew was that Mississippi wasn’t for me. So I made my decision to move and two weeks later, packed my car at the butt-crack-of-dawn for my 10 hour trip to St. Louis.

St. Louis is serendipitous. There’s a spiritual energy here that is stronger than most places I’ve lived before. Things seem to just happen for me here in St. Louis. Jobs were easy to find. Friends became easier to make. And there is so much to do in St. Louis.

And here we are … learning about me.

What do I do?

By day, I’m an intern at the St. Louis Regional Chamber for the Marketing & Communications department. When I’m not there, I’m attending events centered around entrepreneurship. (ask me how I can make your event more engaging)

I also chill at coffee shops and blog about life, personal development, personal branding, networking, and entrepreneurship.

When I’m at home you can find me reading a book or watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.