On Tangent

Input is my top Clifton Strength, and my Moon is Gemini which means…


So, here is a list of the books I’ve flipped through.

Current Reads

Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence—and How You Can, Too – Gary Vaynerchuck

If you haven’t heard of Gary Vee, you obviously live under a rock. He’s a lifelong entrepreneur and business man. He’s been screaming at us for the last 10 years about how to keep peoples attention. No one’s been listening. So here is one of 5 best sellers written by the Jets loving CEO of the century!


The AlchemistPaulo Coelho

This story is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. It was recommended to me over a year ago and it has changed my life. Follow the fable of a boy learning that there’s more to life than herding sheep.


I’ve done you the honor of including the Amazon link to each of these books. It’s mostly for your convenience, but I can make a dollar or two if you decide to purchase the book. (Just keeping it transparent)

You don’t have to buy these books. I would suggest listening to any of these titles on Audible or even checking them out from your local library. (Mine just did away with late fees!)

Happy Reading!