Hi, I’m Kaleah

My Name is Kaleah

I take life day-by-day with a heart for transforming adversity into adventure.

I travel, learn, share stories, and I blog about it!

My Purpose

My mission is to uplift and inspire others by bringing awareness to the patterns and habits present in our daily lives. I believe we all have the power to create the life we have always wanted by adjusting what doesn’t align

Thing’s I’m Into


In late 2019, I decided I was going to travel the country in 2020. So far, I’ve been to Cleveland, Disney World, and Mississippi. Aside from my postponed travels, I’ve also been enjoying life as a tourist in my own city!


I’ve always had the gift of gab. You could count on me to read out loud for the class or volunteer to speak for the group during a presentation. Now, I spend my time recording stories of my travels and sharing them with the world via podcast.


Often accompanied by the gift of gab is the gift of articulation. All my life I’ve been hit with the microagression “you’re so articulate!” as if I could be anything else? So I write about that too. My blog is my safe space to share me with you.


Keeping Up with Kaleah

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Work With Me

My strengths are Adaptability, Empathy, Ideation, Input, and Individualization. I thrive in intimate group settings that require me to come up with out-of-the-box ideas and creative ways to accomplish goals. I am skilled at sales & communication and driven by serving a greater good.