Microagression in Interracial Relationships

The privilege is real. Kaleah, why are you turning to your blog to write about relationship problems? ‘Cause its my fucking blog. Thanks for reading. I just feel like I need vent for a moment. And something tells me I need to publish it publicly. As a disclaimer: I love my partner. Thats why weContinue reading “Microagression in Interracial Relationships”

My Intern Experience at the St. Louis Regional Chamber

It all started with building a relationship. I met the former COO, Gisele Marcus, while working at a previous position. Her presence really left an impression on me. I reached out to her on LinkedIn to keep in touch should I decide to leave the roll I was in. Months later, I did leave and found myself scrolling through my LinkedIn feed for job inspiration.

It’s Fri-Yay!

The end of the week is here. So what? I’m doing my thing. Sitting at the coffee shop. I didn’t write earlier this week because I went to work instead of hanging out at Comet. So what have I done this week?